Best things to do in Koh Tao Island


Koh Tao island attracts many tourists not only by its pristine beaches but moreover for its awesome underwater life. It is often the chosen spot for many as they spend a few days discovering the underwater world.

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Go island hopping

Due to the many beaches and bays in Koh Tao, opting to go island hopping is a great way to see some of them. You can either go on an organized tour which runs on a set time or go about chartering a boat yourself. You can book the organized tours with any travel agent around the island. Lunch is often included along with snorkeling equipment as you visit different places around the island.

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Another option is to rent or charter out a long tail boat. Gather a group together and make a day out of it. You can bring snacks and drinks along with you and stop in secluded bays and beaches. You can simply ask the captain to stop at a beach where they have restaurants so you can grab some lunch and carry on exploring afterwards. You can find many long tail boats in Sairee Beach and negotiate a price, depending on how many you guys are.

Become a Certified ScubaDiver

As mentioned previously, people flock to Koh Tao just to become a certified diver. In fact, next to Australia, Thailand has the most annual divers being certified annually. Apart from having warm waters and an awesome underwater marine life, the diving here is CHEAP! Compared to other places, the cost of certification is very affordable which is why many people choose to do it here. Usually, dive certification packages even come with discounted lodging rates, making it an ideal place to learn.

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Hire a Motorbike and Explore Koh Tao

When in Koh Tao, if you’re not scuba diving or island hopping, rent a motorbike and drive around the many beaches and coves. Some roads are quite steep so make sure that you are a confident and experienced rider. Mountain bikes are also available for rent for those that are looking for some exercise.

Explore the Beaches and Bays of Koh Tao Island

Koh Tao is known for its many stunning beaches and bay which are full of shallow colorful reef. There are loads of places on the island where you can swim and snorkel, or simply lie under a palm fringed beach as you take in the beauty around you.

Sairee Beach

Amongst all the other beaches in Koh Tao, Sairee is the most popular and accessible. The water here is calm and warm, making it perfect for swimming and relaxing. The entire beach area is full of restaurants and bars and can be quite busy at night. This is also where a lot of the bars and parties are so take this in account when choosing where to stay.

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Ao Leuk

Ao Leuk can be found on the South East side of Koh Tao, is the complete opposite of Sairee beach. Here, you will find a quiet and stunning beach with turquoise waters. The place itself means deep bay which is why it is a rather popular site for snorkeling. The coral reef on both sides of the bay starts off pretty shallow whilst still giving you a wide variety of things to see.

Chalok Baan Kao Bay

If Sairee Beach is too busy and crowded for your liking, you can opt to stay in Chalok Baan Kao Bay which still has some amenities but is nowhere as busy as Sairee. There are restaurants, some dive shops, and even a 711 and pharmacy.

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