Top 10 great trekking trails in Thailand (Part 2)


Whether you are in the north or the south of Thailand, the country holds lots of fascinating trekking trails. To help you find your next adventure destination in Thailand, we’ve made a list of 10 famous trekking trails with incredible views.

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Mae Sa Valley

Chiang Mai is oftentimes referred to as the northern capital of the country. Many people are drawn to its laid-back vibe, delicious eats, and temples found throughout the historic city. Venture outside the city limits, however, and there is an absolute gold mine of things to see and do. One of the stunning places worth visiting is the Mae Sa Valley. It is a mere nine miles from the city, and it is frequently overlooked and unvisited because of its overshadowing neighbor. From waterfalls to a botanic garden, Mae Sa Valley provides visitors with enough things to see and do to make a day trip out of the journey. There are quite a few tacky tourists attractions along the way, with things like monkey schools and snake farms that interrupt this area’s peaceful vibe. Overlook these, however, and head straight for one of the hiking trails that meanders through this valley. While it may take a full day to hike, the trek itself is relatively easy.

Mae Sa Valley (via

Pranburi Waterfall

Kaeng Krachan National Park is the largest national park in Thailand, and its size is reflected in the variety of wildlife found here, including birds, butterflies, elephants, bears, and much more. Hikers may be lucky enough to run into some of this wildlife on the way to Pranburi Waterfall, located inside the national park. A trek to the waterfall takes about a day, and a ranger or guide is needed to assist those hoping to make it to the three-tiered, stunning falls. At about 2.5 miles long, the trail is decorated with rich vegetation, streams, wildlife, and more.

Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son (via Fat Girl Does The World)

Mae Hong Son is one of the best places to take on any of the region’s hills. The mountainous province sits close to the border of Myanmar, and unlike some of the national parks that can get crowded on the weekends, this area remains nearly deserted if it were not for the hill tribes, including the Shan and Hmong, who call Mae Hong Son home. One of the most well-known landmarks of the region is the Sutongpe Bridge, a bamboo structure that cuts through striking rice fields, with rolling hills on either side. It stretches some 500 meters long, and while it certainly is not the most strenuous of ventures, it is both noteworthy and picturesque. This area also remains relatively cool in comparison to other parts of Thailand, and it is especially stunning in the rainy season. A popular hike that tourists have been taking on is the trek from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son, which usually takes about eight days.

Khao Pom, Koh Samui

Koh Samui (via Journey Era)

Though some of the best trekking opportunities are in the north of Thailand, there are many stunning national parks and hiking trails along Thailand’s coasts in the south. One of these is on the popular island of Koh Samui. As the second-largest island in Thailand, Koh Samui has the perfect balance of tourist amenities and lush vegetation. Unlike some islands which have been overrun with hotels, restaurants, and bars, Koh Samui remains a picturesque island, regardless of the herds of tourists who flock here. Also one of the most stunning trekking opportunities can be found on this island. Khao Pom is a large mountain found in the center of the island. At a little over 2,000 feet at its peak, this mountain provides trekkers with ample opportunity to explore its lush jungle terrain and get a great view of the island.

The summit of Doi Chiang Chao

Doi Chiang Chao, Chiang Mai (via Justgola)

Located some 7,299 feet above sea level is Doi Chiang Chao, and there are two trails which lead hikers to the summit: the Pang Wua Trail and the Den Ya Khat Trail. This is one of the best hikes for bird watchers, with hundreds of different species for trekkers to try to spot. In addition to birds, Doi Chiang Chao is home to colorful and rare orchids. Doi Chiang Chao is under the protection of the Doi Chiang Dao Wildlife Sanctuary, which makes it a great place to get out and explore Thailand’s tropical jungle.

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